What's on in Kent & Sussex: Wealden region


Joe Garbett Dance: Doubles

Doubles brings bursts of colour to the streets and village greens in a collision of dance and ping pong. Watch as the dancers spin and slide in this playful pop-up performance that smashes expectations of dance and advocates the importance of safe, positive and accessible public spaces. Grab a bat and join in! Watch the show and then enjoy a game of ping pong with family and friends.

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Create Platform Thursday 18th July 2019   13:00

Wannock Road Recreation Ground Friday 2nd August 2019   10:00

West Park Recreation Ground Saturday 10th August 2019   10:00

Madhurst Music and Arts Festival Saturday 17th August 2019   14:00

Fakenham Trust Wednesday 21st August 2019   12:00

Wilmington Village Fair Monday 26th August 2019   13:30

George Street & St Georges Square Saturday 31st August 2019   14:00

Lindfield Arts Festival Saturday 21st September 2019   10:00

Comedy Cavemen

Enter Edem: Comedy Cavemen

A posse of Palaeolithic cavemen characters causing mischief and spreading an environmental message, you better hold onto your snacks as these silly hunter gatherers aren’t quite civilized yet! This team of toothy trouble makers will have audiences laughing and running to the recycling bin as they tell the tale (through grunts and groans) of their time spent frozen in ice to be awoken into a world of plastic problems to be solved!

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Create Music Festival, Ashford Saturday 20th July 2019   11:30

Create Music Festival, Ashford Sunday 21st July 2019   10:00

Icklesham Summer Fete and Flower Show Saturday 3rd August 2019   13:00

Goldsmith Recreation Ground Wednesday 7th August 2019   10:00

Sheepsetting Lane Recreation Ground Friday 16th August 2019   10:00

George Street & St Georges Square Saturday 31st August 2019   11:00

Juliet & Romeo

Lost Dog Dance: Juliet & Romeo

Lost Dog’s new show reveals the real story of Romeo and Juliet. It turns out they didn’t die in a tragic misunderstanding, they grew up and lived happily ever after. Well they lived at least. Now they are 40ish, at least one of them is in the grips of a mid-life crisis, they feel constantly mocked by their teenage selves and haunted by the pressures of being the poster couple for romantic love. They have decided to confront their current struggles by putting on a performance – about themselves. Their therapist told them it was a terrible idea! With Lost Dog’s blend of dance, theatre and comedy this stunning duet, directed by Olivier Award nominated Ben Duke, takes on our cultural obsession with youth and our struggle with how things are supposed to be. A humorous and heartfelt investigation into love, loss and longevity.

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Jevington Barn, Jevington Place Farm Saturday 17th August 2019   20:00

Jevington Barn, Jevington Place Farm Sunday 18th August 2019   15:00

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