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John Peel's Shed

John Osborne: John Peel's Shed

In 2002, John Osborne won a competition on John Peel’s Radio 1 show. His prize was a box of records that took eight years to listen to. This is an ode to radio, those records and anyone who’s ever sought solace in the wireless. This show features a selection of records previously owned by the late John Peel. Many are very rare recordings by obscure and now defunct bands, and this is a unique opportunity for any Peel fans. A version of the show was recorded at the BBC Radio Theatre and broadcast on Radio 4, and it was chosen as Pick of the Day in The Radio Times. Age suitability 12+
This performance is part of the Inn Crowd Project

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The Moody Mare Saturday 25th May 2019   20:00

Comedy Cavemen

Enter Edem: Comedy Cavemen

A posse of Palaeolithic cavemen characters causing mischief and spreading an environmental message, you better hold onto your snacks as these silly hunter gatherers aren’t quite civilized yet! This team of toothy trouble makers will have audiences laughing and running to the recycling bin as they tell the tale (through grunts and groans) of their time spent frozen in ice to be awoken into a world of plastic problems to be solved!

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Aylesford's Big Lunch Sunday 2nd June 2019   12:00

Hunton Village Fete Saturday 22nd June 2019   12:00

Isfield Village Fete Sunday 23rd June 2019   12:00

Smarden - The Sloman Run Saturday 29th June 2019   12:00

Create Music Festival, Ashford Saturday 20th July 2019   12:00

Create Music Festival, Ashford Sunday 21st July 2019   12:00

Icklesham Summer Fete and Flower Show Saturday 3rd August 2019   12:00

Arbor The Tree

Smoking Apples: Arbor The Tree

Part man, part tree and 17 feet tall. Meet Arbor. Follow Arbor as he strides around, vanishing between trees and emerging with his cart full of tree saplings. Arbor tells the story of a tree pushed from his home and his fight to preserve his future, featuring amazing puppets, and beautiful visual storytelling, we learn how Arbor came to be. Encouraging the audience to plant and nurture their own trees, Arbor will give each family a sapling to take home, leaving a legacy that will last for generations.

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Unfest Saturday 25th May 2019   14:00

Elderflower Fields Festival Sunday 26th May 2019   12:00

Crowborough Town - Sussex Day Sunday 16th June 2019   12:00

Uckfield Festival Saturday 6th July 2019   12:00

West Chiltington Village Show Saturday 13th July 2019   12:00

Create Music Festival, Ashford Saturday 20th July 2019   12:00

Create Music Festival, Ashford Sunday 21st July 2019   12:00

Art in The Park Saturday 10th August 2019   12:00

Sandwich Food Fayre Sunday 25th August 2019   12:00

Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival Saturday 12th October 2019   12:00

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