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The Dodo Rider

Dizzy O'Dare: The Dodo Rider

Legendary equestrian rider Lillian May Stanhope, fresh from a Royal Command performance at Sandringham for Queen Victoria herself, wows audiences with a rare appearance of Raphus Cucullatous, the last known living specimen of the Dodo bird. This dainty rider dazzles audiences around the globe, showing off her physical strength by bounding along on the back of a galloping Dodo, sometimes while blindfolded, and always full of nerve!

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Streets of Battle & Bexhill Saturday 4th May 2019   12:00

Slindon Church Fete Saturday 25th May 2019   12:00

Pulborough Duck Race Saturday 15th June 2019   12:00

East Malling Picnic in the Park Sunday 23rd June 2019   12:00

Boxgrove Community Day and BBQ Saturday 13th July 2019   12:00

Create Platform Tuesday 16th July 2019   12:00

Create Music Festival, Ashford Saturday 20th July 2019   12:00

Tenterden Folk Festival Saturday 5th October 2019   12:00

The Open Air Drawing-Room

Eric MacLennan: The Open Air Drawing-Room

The Open Air Drawing-Room … begins with an antiquated artists drawing group setting up for some landscape painting. Arrival and un-packing of folding stools, easels, flasks, other knick-knacks and sandwiches etc… But this is no ordinary show - for the audience will be drawn into the group! Inspired by JMW Turner. A story that delightfully mixes historical biography with the fast contemporary world we now occupy. An invitation to slow-down. Paint a stone - for Turner - for The Turner Contemporary! Selected from…31 stones - a “mini museum” - each one from the coast of the British isles and named after the atmospheric areas of the shipping forecast . These stones were old when Turner was young. They will still be here when we are gone. We consider Time. We consider Art. Each artist (audience member) also makes a Cyanotype portrait which will be exhibited as a mirror image to the final painting - A Sea of Faces - embracing Turner’s pioneering interest in photography and his desire to find new ways.

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Mayfield Festival Saturday 11th May 2019   12:00

Riverside Festival Saturday 6th July 2019   12:00

Create Platform Wednesday 17th July 2019   12:00

Create Music Festival, Ashford Saturday 20th July 2019   12:00

I, AmDram

Hannah Maxwell: I, AmDram

"My voice cracked on the high note. I saw my Nan wince. The blood rushed to my cheeks - and a century's lineage lay shattered on the floor."
In this affectionate tribute Hannah Maxwell makes a prodigal’s return to the musty vibrancy of amateur dramatics – her family’s consuming passion for 89 years and four generations. Weaving storytelling, stand-up, live art and a manageable amount of musical theatre references, I, AmDram traces the distance between queer, quirky London and the rehearsal halls of Home Counties suburbia; minding the gap between the identities we assert and the worlds we leave.

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The White Lion, Selling Saturday 11th May 2019   21:00

The Rose and Crown, Mayfield Sunday 12th May 2019   17:00

Elderflower Fields Festival Friday 24th May 2019   23:00

Desert Island Flicks

Spiltmilk Dance: Desert Island Flicks

A blockbuster, adventure and rom com rolled into one, Desert Island Flicks reimagines the most popular box office hits from the history of cinema. In their signature charming, witty style, Spiltmilk Dance are rolling out the red carpet and inviting audiences to a night at the movies like no other. With over 120 hours of famous film moments covered in just 90 minutes, a cast of two take on all the lead roles, stunts, and special effects! Filled with plot twists and cliff hangers, swoony romances and full on tear-jerkers, grab your popcorn for this whistle stop tour of the suave spies, talking toys, singing nuns and pesky ice bergs that have had us glued to cinema seats over the last 80 years. Combining dance, comedy and a sensational soundtrack, Desert Island Flicks will spin off, re-make, spoof, and shine a spotlight on life lessons learnt from the big screen.

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East Chiltington Parish Church Thursday 16th May 2019   19:30

The Alexander Centre Friday 17th May 2019   20:00

Criterion Blue Town Saturday 18th May 2019   14:30

Frittenden Memorial Hall Sunday 19th May 2019   17:00

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