Promoters and promoting groups book Applause performances for their local venues. Most promoters are volunteers who programme events in their village halls and organise summer fetes. Some promoters are employed as Festival programmers (for outdoor work) or Parish Council booking clerks.

Why become a promoter?


"Applause shows play a vital part in bringing together the village in social community events and enabled people to see professional theatre of a very high standard. Through rural touring children as young as five have been introduced to live theatre - something many of them would not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy - and those aged up to about 85 have still been able to enjoy an interest that might otherwise be impossible." Applause promoter


"That was the best night of my life." Applause promoter

There are many great reasons to participate in the Applause network. Not only might you raise some money for local benefit; taking part in the Applause programme offers an opportunity for your community to come together and experience really good theatre and music at an affordable price in a convenient location.

If you are interested in becoming a promoter for Applause Indoors or Applause Outdoors, contact us or look on the resources page for more information. If you are already an Applause promoter, please find promoter resources here


If you are a potential sponsor for a project or programme, please contact the Applause office.

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