Cartoon de Salvo:

The Powercut Compendium


A trendy theatre company, fresh from the city, begin their high-tech show when the room is plunged into sudden darkness. Is it a blow-out? Or is it something more mysterious? (Do you even know how much that kit cost!?) How will audience and performers keep one another entertained until light returns? Tailored to each community in which it’s performed, Cartoon de Salvo’s new show explores what happens when we have only storytelling left to keep the night at bay. Cartoon de Salvo's cocktail of script-defying improvisation, live music and storytelling has won critical acclaim and a devoted following over the past 17 years. On a quest to mess with the live experience, Cartoon de Salvo makes theatre that wears its heart on its sleeve, that likes an adventure, and that never forgets that the audience is the number one reason for putting on the show.
Age suitability: Adults and children 8+ who are not afraid of the dark



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