Eric MacLennan:

A Voyage Around My Bedroom


A Voyage Around My Bedroom is a free-standing, 3 metre, weatherproof perspex cube, containing the furniture and paraphernalia of an ordinary bedroom. Ordinary objects, which would be unremarkable in their usual home, but in outdoor spaces, will take on a surreal, simple elegant beauty. Extraordinary. Intriguing. Poetic.

This installation will cause people to stop and reflect. This ‘bedroom cube’ will be beautiful. Illuminated from within. It will be visible from afar. It will not only exist as sculpture, but it will also offer a unique and memorable experience. It has an entrance. It has an invitation.

With the aid of a guide, audience members can voyage around this room in the manner of a grand explorer. Accompanied by a soundtrack, this tiny journey will open up a whole world before peoples’ eyes. Every 20 minute interactive performance will be different as the audience helps to shape the narrative.

Eric MacLennan has a wealth of experience in creating participatory, inclusive, interactive work for all ages. www.ericmaclennan.com

A Voyage Around My Bedroom has been Co-Commissioned by Applause, Fuse Medway Festival and Gulbenkian bOing! International Family Festival specially for outdoor events. It also received the Glastonbury Arts Commission.



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