Donate to Applause Rural Touring and we promise that your hard earned money will go a long way to help change people’s lives through the arts; making that shift to feel more connected, self confident and invigorated by real live community experiences.


If you have ever been inspired by a brilliant play or laughed until your sides hurt from listening to infectious comedy, you are not alone.  Research tells us that high quality arts experiences can influence and change people’s mood for the better as well as build self confidence, which can impact on our well being. 
Of course, the arts aren’t the answer to everything, but we believe that they play an important part in the
grand scheme of things.


Small and Beautiful


£25 could ensure that a family experiences a free performance.

£50 could support a volunteer promoter training bursary, helping with much needed skills development and training.

£100 be part of the creative magic, this amount could contribute to the development of an extraordinary outdoor show.

£250 could pay for a new Mini Menu performance especially made for young audiences to inspire young minds.


Big and Bold


£500 could pay for a top notch performance from a leading theatre company or music ensemble.


With a gift of more than £500 the possibilities increase and the impact is even more far reaching.  We welcome one off donations, and regular gifts really do help us plan for the future.


“Applause performances act like a glue for our community – they get people mixing and talking to each other”

Mike Summersgill, Applause Promoter and Trustee


To find out more about the work your gift could help fund, click on the links to the left.


Jason Rolf makes a difference by donating to Applause Rural Touring



Jason Rolf, Amati Global Investors, says:

“Future financial sustainability is critical for Applause and my donation will act as partnership funding to lever in even more funding, in other words my hard earned money, will go even further.  I am really proud to support Applause, the organisation ticks all the boxes in terms of presenting high quality and engaging creative experiences for everyone.  Since being more involved, I now realise how important Applause’s work is, in terms of reaching isolated communities and supporting artists to develop new work for touring. Join me in helping Applause to engineer fantastic artistic experiences and to be at the top of their game.”



At Applause, we know that the performances and creative experiences we offer reach out to remote communities and help to tackle issues like loneliness and isolation.  We know this, because people tell us.


In 2015/16 more than 35,000 people of all ages, in over 150 rural communities throughout Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex and Medway enjoyed memorable arts performances and experiences.  With your help we will be able to reach more people in more communities.


Find out more about Jason's support here.




















Touring Programmes



“I really like the fact that we can raise the profile of our venue and breathe life into the village”

Jim Kirke, Applause Promoter


Applause offers a year round programme of professional performances, which bring together community audiences in non-traditional arts spaces like village halls, community centres, churches and community fetes and festivals. 
To find out more about the performances on offer click here



“People attend the performances because it is difficult for them to get to larger and more conventional venues.  Transport is difficult to town centre venues and expensive, so it’s important to offer these type of experiences on people’s door steps”

Mark Skudder, Applause Promoter


Developing Artists


“Before taking part in Applause Outdoors we had never toured rurally, so this was a fantastic opportunity to develop all the necessary skills (communicating with event organisers, adapting our piece for each site etc). At the same time,
it was a great chance to really push our performance techniques, ensuring that we were able to respond to and engage with a wide demographic.”

Accidental Collective


We are committed to commissioning and facilitating artists to make, produce and tour exciting new work across Kent and Sussex. We offer professional development opportunities for artists and performing companies to develop their creative ideas and create inspiring work specially for familiar venues and spaces such as village halls, community centres, pubs and outdoor events.


Mini Menu


We believe in starting young!  Mini Menu is a rich mix of high quality performance work designed especially for children and young people from Early Years to teens.  We know that young people and children are all individuals finding their way in a demanding world.  This programme tailors performances for young minds and enthuses and delights adolescent audiences; all who wouldn’t generally have the opportunity to experience live performances.


Inn Crowd



“Bring entertainment to the pubs.  That’s what pubs are for.  Bring the villages together.  Fantastic”.

Audience Member


Keeping it real, and bringing live performances, like live literature and spoken word to pubs in rural communities is what Inn Crowd is all about.  Connecting communities is vital to support mental wellbeing and build positive social relationships.  This ambitious project will support dozens of artists and small arts companies to make art work with the aim of reaching isolated communities in accessible and friendly environments.



Promoter Pride


“As a promoter, I get a real kick from seeing people enjoy themselves at Applause performances”

Jim Kirke, Applause Promoter


We couldn’t survive without Applause promoters putting in countless hours of volunteer time to programme and promote performances at their venues.  These wonderful people dedicate their time and energy to make something fun, challenging, interesting, unifying and even plain old entertaining, happen in their community.
We support promoters in many ways from providing advice around selecting the shows they want, supplying marketing materials and press releases to longer term opportunities such as networking and training
and development.

Jason Rold donates to Applause Rural Touring









If you are a potential sponsor for a project or programme, please contact the Applause office.

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