News: #VillageHallsWeek 2019

#VillageHallsWeek 2019

Posted on: 21/01/2019

#VillageHallsWeek 2019

We are so delighted to be supporting the 2019 #VillageHallsWeek

Village Halls are at the heart of our Applause Indoors rural touring programme – last year we took live performance to 92 different locations across Kent and Sussex – many of them village halls in rural communities.

We’ve been chatting to our promoters, audiences and artists to find out what Village Halls mean to them.

‘Our community hall, The Empire Hall, Graffham, is re-establishing itself as the hub of the village.  A wide range of activities now take place in the hall including the Post Office, daily keep fit classes, osteopath and foot care clinics, a venue for regular village meetings, the lunch club and Graffham Empire Movies.  PLUS annual celebrations of Harvest Festival, Burns Night, Christmas Fair, Easter Market and of course a venue for family celebrations and gatherings.  Of course all stimulated by the adrenaline of live performing arts supported by Applause Rural Touring including live music, theatre and comedy.’ Jim Kirke, Graffham Empire Hall

‘Most of our company grew up in the countryside and in small villages - we remember the excitement of shows or the circus coming to town! And our stated aim as Last Baguette is to bring high quality contemporary theatre to village halls. We love playing in village halls for many reasons - meeting the lovely people, taking theatre outside of cities and theatre buildings. There is something really nice and informal about playing in village halls - we love the sense of ownership that communities and promoters often have about their hall. Often an event feels like a party for the community - everyone knows each other and has lots to say to each other. We like the ephemeral feeling of a show being in a village hall for one night and then gone. We think that theatre is part of everyday life, and should happen in the same way that music and cinema happens locally.’  The Last Baguette, Sidney Robb


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