News: Outdoors Season 2019

Outdoors Season 2019

Posted on: 12/11/2018

Outdoors Season 2019

Next summer, audiences at festivals and fetes across Kent and Sussex will be inspired and entertained by mischievous cavemen, a giant dodo, some cake baking birds, participatory painting, ping pong playing dancers, a 17 ft tall tree and a shark!


We are delighted to be working with 7 brilliant performing companies for the Outdoors Season 2019:


Enter Edem – Comedy Cavemen

Joe Garbett Dance – Doubles

Dizzy O’Dare – The Dodo Rider

Smoking Apples – Arbor: The Tree

Rust & Stardust – Tweethearts

Bootworks Theatre – We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Eric MacLennan – Open Air Drawing Room


Eric MacLennan’s show Open Air Drawing Room is co-commission between Applause and Turner Contemporary.Turner Contemporary has been selected to host the Turner Prize in 2019, and this new show will celebrate the artist who inspired both this world-renowned prize and invite the public to be part of a world record attempt for a painting created by the largest number of artists!

Applause subsidises the cost of these professional performances, allowing local promoters to give their communities fantastic and unexpected live arts at their events. If you are interested in having one of these exciting shows at your event next summer, do get in touch to find out more.


If you are a potential sponsor for a project or programme, please contact the Applause office.

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