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Team Viking

James Rowland: Team Viking

Five years ago, James’s best friend Tom was diagnosed with heart cancer and given three months to live. His last wish was to be given a full Viking burial. This is the remarkable, hilarious, heart-lifting and outlandish story of how James actually gave his mate the send-off he wanted. Featuring live music, side-splitting anecdotes and even a real Viking helmet, James Rowland’s Team Viking is a comic ode to death and friendship. Age Suitability 14+
This performance is part of the Inn Crowd Project

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Vale Vault, The Bedford Thursday 19th October 2017   21:00

The Palace Friday 20th October 2017   20:00

The White Lion, Selling Saturday 21st October 2017   21:00

The FB Pocket Orchestra

The FB Pocket Orchestra: The FB Pocket Orchestra

The FB Pocket Orchestra takes its listeners back to the hot jazz, blues, ragtime and popular dances of the 1920/30s and earlier. The members originally began playing together simply as an exercise in exploring heritage repertoire - taking on a few informal performances and recording dates as schedules allowed. The FB Pocket Orchestra became an 'official' project in the spring of 2012 and released its first album in October. The aims of the orchestra are to present a contemporary slant on popular acoustic music from the early part of the last century. Suitable for all age groups.

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Wilmington Memorial Hall Saturday 21st October 2017   19:30

The Three Musketeers

Three Half Pints: The Three Musketeers

Chaos, mayhem and slapstick stupidity reign supreme as the Three Half Pints swish their swords, buff their boots and flourish their feathers in their most ridiculous adventure yet.

Will they defeat the dastardly evil-doers?
Will they save the damsel in distress?
Will they read the book before writing this show?

Nobody knows… but you can bet the CBeebies favourites will provide a hilarious slapstick adventure of chivalry, swordplay and suddenly falling over.

The seventeenth century has never been so silly!

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The Alexander Centre Sunday 22nd October 2017   14:00

Otford Village Memorial Hall Saturday 18th November 2017   14:30

Catsfield Village Hall Sunday 19th November 2017   15:00


Farnham Maltings Touring: Brilliance

1963, Winter. Everyone is gathering in the village hall. Daisy places her hand on the switch, presses it down, and life is never the same again.

Long after its arrival in the city, the slow process of rural electrification is starting to illuminate every crevice and corner of village life. As the dark evenings hold us in, 240 volts of alternating current and the humble electric light bulb allows us to gather and sing long into the night.

Brilliance is a 90-minute theatrical event, made especially for village halls, that celebrates progress and change in a bright new world.

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Robertsbridge Village Hall Friday 27th October 2017   19:30

Bredhurst Village Hall Saturday 28th October 2017   19:30

Norton Village Hall Sunday 29th October 2017   19:30

Commemoration Hall, Wadhurst Wednesday 1st November 2017   20:00

Lodsworth Village Hall Saturday 16th December 2017   19:30

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