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The Flying Bazazi Brothers

Nearly There Yet: The Flying Bazazi Brothers

Bounding on to the stage like Wham in cheap suits after too much Lucozade, this riotous double act dance, juggle, and fall over each other for your viewing pleasure. Prepare to be amazed, prepare to be dazzled, and prepare to wonder why they donít just quit while theyíre ahead. Featuring internationally renowned superstar Edward Bazazi and his slightly less well-known but equally talented brother, Kaveh Bazazi: itís the Bazazi Brothers! If you want to forget about your troubles and focus on someone elseís, come and see The Flying Bazazi Brothers. Ridiculous dancing, dad humour, and a surprising amount of skill and dexterity make this a show you wonít want to miss. This show is suitable for absolutely everyone, particularly families.

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Crowborough Town - Sussex Day Friday 16th June 2017   18:00

Hunton Village Fete Saturday 17th June 2017   14:00

Aylesford's Big Lunch Sunday 18th June 2017   12:00

Boughton Monchelsea Village Fete Saturday 1st July 2017   12:00

Ightham's Summer Celebration Saturday 15th July 2017

Tovil Village Fete Sunday 13th August 2017   13:00

Rye Arts Festival Saturday 16th September 2017   12:00

Rat Choc Chip

Beautful Creatures Theatre: Rat Choc Chip

Is there something moving in the chocolate chips? Can you hear a squeak from the rainbow sprinkles? Are those little footprints in the raspberry swirl? Everyone loves an ice cream, so queue up at the Rat Choc Chip ice cream cart for a tail of the unexpected and a double scoop with a furry surprise. A very funny new walkabout performance from Beautiful Creatures Theatre. Be charmed by the lovable and haphazard ice cream vendor, help with her desperate attempts to keep her furry friends out of sight of the health inspector, and see if you can tell the difference between chocolate sprinkles and well, let's just say, little rodent 'gifts'! The performance will wander about your event, finding opportunities to entertain and disgust your audiences with this hilarious and engaging show.

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Allhallows Village Fete Saturday 24th June 2017   11:00

Isfield Village Fete Sunday 25th June 2017   12:00

Paddock Wood Carnival and Fete Saturday 8th July 2017   12:00

Four Elms Village Fete Saturday 15th July 2017   13:00

Sheppey Promenade Saturday 22nd July 2017   13:30

Icklesham Summer Fete and Flower Show Saturday 5th August 2017   13:30

Stalisfield Village Fete Saturday 26th August 2017   14:00

Madhurst Music and Arts Festival Monday 28th August 2017   13:00

Rye Arts Festival Saturday 16th September 2017   12:00


Parrabbola: Wheeze

Meet Wheeze, the organic organ, the vital organ, an awkward orchestra. Wheeze is an organ made from found materials. Come and make your own music on the giant activity centre under the expert eye of the Engineer. Play a solo, have a jam with friends and strangers, operate the devices to provide the puff for the
many sounds that will emerge from its virtual lungs and vocal cords. During the day Wheeze will go into live mode, featuring the Barker and one of his many friends, who will bring the fantastical machine to life. Whether itís a dancer, or an actor or even another musician Wheeze takes centre stage in its
very own concerto. Each performance lasts 10-15 minutes and will show off the machine to its fullest capacity while encouraging anyone to come and play and have a go.

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Selsey Festival Sunday 28th May 2017   13:00

Staplehurst Carnival and Fete Saturday 24th June 2017   12:00

The Barrow House Sunday 2nd July 2017   12:00

Boxgrove Village Hall Sunday 23rd July 2017   13:00

Etchingham Fete Saturday 9th September 2017   12:00

Tenterden Folk Festival Saturday 7th October 2017   11:00


Beautful Creatures Theatre: OCTOPOT

Have a peek inside the OCTO-POT for a larger than life seafood surprise. A humorous and charming new walkabout performance, led by a quirky chef and his red and white checked serving trolley. Audiences will be surprised and delighted by the giant and grumpy octopus puppet as it emerges from the smoking, bubbling cooking pot, to play games, have a dance and fight an epic battle. With 6 menus to choose from OCTO-POT is an extremely flexible show that will enthrall young and old, in fair weather or foul.

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Rusthall Village Fete Saturday 24th June 2017   12:00

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